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12 Quotes Worth Sharing From Wanderlust

by jenny sansouci on July 19, 2013

If you ever happen to be at the same yoga festival as me, it’s likely you’ll find me in the front row of the classes, with my notebook and pen stationed at the upper left corner of my mat. I’ll be taking notes in downward dog, writing down whatever wisdom that particular teacher spouts out that resonates with me. I get the good stuff in ink so I can share gems of inspiration with you guys. Writing during a yoga class doesn’t lead to perfect alignment by any means, but I love it. It’s extremely fun and gratifying for me, and I end each yoga festival with a notebook full of magic scribbles to deliver to the world (you).

The quotes below are a few things I overheard in my classes at Wanderlust up in Stratton, Vermont. I wish I could have learned from every single teacher there, but the schedule was way too packed for that.

Each of these quotes could be a blog post of its own. In fact, that’s usually what I plan to do, but those kind of mile high ambitions can often lead to my notebooks sitting untouched for months, and then the inspiration passes and the magic is unshared. So instead of waiting for that huge chunk of free time when I can dig deep into each and every quote, I’m just gonna share them with you as they are and let you take what you want from them.

So here you go…overheard by yours truly at Wanderlust VT:


Yoga is a necessary tool for the survival of myself and others. I need to get on the mat every day – it doesn’t matter how long – 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours…or else I’ll pull the head off of someone I love. -Seane Corn


All yoga, in essence, is about raising the kundalini energy – awakening our own highest potential. Every time you get on your mat, you are strengthening the discernment that helps you sort through the soup that is your emotional life. – Kia Miller

Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be. Dive deeply and fully into it. -Gabrielle Bernstein


Go into your pain and see who you become.  -David Romanelli

Life will bring you to your knees and rip you open in ways that will allow you to love. It is your heartbreak that will teach you compassion. -Seane Corn


Create the life you want to create. It takes discipline. Activate your energy every day. Be a lighthouse. -Kia Miller


Redirect “I need to be seen” to “I need to serve.”  The inspiration will come through you naturally and will be far greater than any outline you could have ever planned. – Gabrielle Bernstein

There’s a bridge between you and another person. Do everything you can to open and love them. -Elena Brower


Being able to live in awareness of divine timing is one of the greatest skills in this lifetime. – Kia Miller


The balance effort and surrender: when you’re strong but still allow yourself to be supported, open and vulnerable. -Tiffany Cruikshank

Vibrate with the cosmos, and the cosmos will clear your path. When we’re being irrational, we’re not vibrating with the cosmos. Are we gonna go to crazytown or are we gonna open up to our creative capacity? -Gabrielle Bernstein


Sacred partnerships occur when you find the harmony and union that elevates both of you to the next level. -Kia Miller


That’s all I got for now. If you like these quotes, you’ll LOVE my Quotes from the Yogis blog from last year’s Being Yoga Conference at Omega. Tons of good stuff there…

And if you STILL want more (I see, you’re a junkie like me, aren’t you!?), check out a couple more of my recaps full of super legit teachings:

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Also, totally unrelated, but I just feel the need to add that this song is totally owning me right now. It’s getting some serious action on my Spotify. Thanks to my homie Waylon for tipping me off to it. SO GOOD!

So, which quote here did you identify with the most? I really like the one from Kia about sacred partnerships.


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A August 15, 2013 at 12:27 am

I love the Gabrielle Bernstein quote! I haven’t heard that one before, but it is such a good way to live your life.


Jill Babcock August 20, 2013 at 4:03 pm

I love this one!

Redirect “I need to be seen” to “I need to serve.” The inspiration will come through you naturally and will be far greater than any outline you could have ever planned. – Gabrielle Bernstein

Seems so true for me at the moment. I am a student at IIN right now and keep thinking about how to get my business started, marketing ideas, etc etc. But hearing this brings me back to the fundamentals and makes me want to focus on how I can help. I know that’s the best way to come up with creative and original ideas.

p.s- have you ever thought of becoming a yoga instructor?? You seem to love it, Im surpirsed you wouldnt want to try teaching!


AH January 4, 2016 at 1:54 am

The link to the song is not working, which song was it? Great blog thanks.


jenny sansouci January 4, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Sorry about that! Just fixed the link. The song is “Open” by Rhye.


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