by jenny sansouci on June 26, 2008

i love it when people decide to be courageous and venture off after a dream. especially when it’s something geared towards making things healthier and better for the world. seriously, after i went on that 5-day deotx diet, i’m feeling a lot more conscious of health and living a cleaner life. that’s why i think it’s full of awesomness that i got an email from an old friend today, Jeremy, telling me about a company he started called Atayne, geared towards making athletic gear that’s environmentally friendly.

he also has a blog detailing his experience starting the company. i found something in this blog that was really insightful:

“So in my mind I should not have been asked, “What keeps you up at night?” but rather, “What gets you up in the morning? Because getting up in the morning is the true test.”

I really think that quote is a strong reminder that we should be focusing on the positives rather than the worries or fears that aren’t real in our lives. by focusing on what gets him up in the morning, jeremy is choosing to think positively and focus on his passions and drive to succeed. so inspirational! check out the blog and help him to get this company on its feet by pledging that you believe in the product. i’m looking forward to seeing and purchasing the eco-friendly products that Atayne comes out with!

greener is better, homeys.

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Jeremy June 27, 2008 at 10:20 am

WOW jenny, I really appreciate your kind words for both me and Atayne. I am confident there are many more people in the world like you and together we will make sure that companies are more responsible for the products they produce.


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