Become An Ex – Quit Smoking

by jenny sansouci on October 17, 2008

i love social networking. there is a social network for everything these days!! and with good reason. there is a lot of support and interaction going on in these networks, which can help people relate to each other on a lot of different life experiences.

anyway, 4 days ago i decided to really try and quit smoking for good.

so i figured there has to be a social network out there dedicated to quitting. lo and behold, there’s a site dedicated to just this. the site is called Become an Ex, and there are some amazing tips and lots of support and inspiration!!

so, now i’m going to go back to my life of quitting side effects – drinking too much coffee, eating dark chocolate, and being generally irritated by others. 🙂

also, as much as it pains me, i should probably give some props to Leo for putting up with me being a TINY BIT of a brat while quitting. i said tiny bit.

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Kathryn October 17, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Jenny — I am so happy you decided to quit smoking! I don’t know how many times you’ve tried to quit before, but number of quit attempts is the best predictor of quit success; that is, the more times you try to quit the more likely you’ll be successful — so don’t give up!

Also, the cranky/irritableness should fade after about 5 days, tops. I have put up with Isaac quitting 3 or 4 times, so I know from personal experience 🙂
Cheers to Leo.

PS – I want a shout out/link in your blog!! I am so jealous of Scott and Greg.. and I totes comment more than they do 😉


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