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How To Make Garlic Butter

by jenny sansouci January 7, 2016
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Good evening my little butterballs. A year ago, Joel and I were exploring in the Seychelles (was that trip even real?) and we found this AWESOME local spot called Maria’s Rock Cafe. It was in the Baie Lazare area of Mahe Island. Just thinking about that place is making my mouth water. 🙂 At Maria’s, […]

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Crispy Sweet Potato Bites

by jenny sansouci March 20, 2015
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Hey potato-heads, Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I love them because I’ve always loved the combination of sweet and salty, and sweet potatoes are so delicious with a little bit of salt. Who doesn’t love a good basket of sweet potato fries? For reals. I usually make sweet potatoes the same way, […]

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My 2 Favorite Paleo Pancake Recipes

by jenny sansouci January 19, 2015
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Hey, whoever’s reading this! First of all, thanks for reading! Second of all, I really don’t feel like blogging tonight, to be perfectly honest. Some days my blogging challenge is easier than others. I was just looking at my site, and I can’t believe I’ve blogged every day now for 19 straight days!!! WHAT! One […]

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The Ultimate Slow Cooker Bone Broth Recipe

by jenny sansouci November 17, 2014
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HEY November friends! Isn’t it cool to be alive? I took a gratitude shower this morning. Meaning – I wrote down everything in my journal that is kick-ass about my life. I suggest you do the same. Last week I wrote a post about my newest healthy addiction — bone broth. In a nutshell, bone […]

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Sage Gnocchi

by jenny sansouci November 1, 2014
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Hey guys! I’m really pumped about something. And that something is this pumpkin sage pasta sauce with GLUTEN FREE GNOCCHI from Cappello’s. Yep. I first heard about this pasta from Dr. Lipman – he and his wife eat it, and they said it’s great. We recommend it to patients a lot who need to be […]

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What’s In YOUR Guacamole?

by jenny sansouci May 5, 2014
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Hey avocado lovers, guess what? It’s Cinco de Mayo. I didn’t realize that until someone told me this afternoon. I was like, YO, I gotta make some guac! And the person said, “or take tequila shots instead!” Let’s just say I decided on the guac. Guacamole is a hilarious thing. It’s like everyone has their […]

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Paleo Egg Muffins

by jenny sansouci August 15, 2013
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There’s a cute little coffee shop called The Annex in my neighborhood (Fort Greene, Brooklyn) that has all the regular coffee shop fare – strong caffeinated beverages and an abundance of baked goods — but they also have something else, something that usually sells out quickly, something you have to get there early in order […]

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Salads: Acts of Creative Inspiration

by jenny sansouci June 27, 2013
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The other day I posted a picture of this incredibly gorgeous salad on instagram. I instagram a lot of things I eat, especially when they are healthy and beautiful like this particular salad. As soon as I posted it, I got a few comments asking for the recipe. Ok, understandable. Peeps wanna know. The thing […]

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My 20 Best Healthy Holiday Recipes

by jenny sansouci November 19, 2012
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It’s holiday time!! For most people, the time between Thanksgiving through the New Year usually means indulging in lots of sugar, flour, dairy, processed foods, sugary/boozy drinks, and all those usual suspects. Too much of that stuff can leave us feeling really depleted, moody, and practically begging for some quality nutrients. 🙂 While I totally […]

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Robyn’s Squash & Kale Curry

by jenny sansouci October 18, 2012
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Get excited – it’s time for another guest recipe from my friend Robyn Youkilis! I thought it was the perfect time to feature this, since her awesome Rock The Kitchen healthy cooking program starts soon!! Robyn has shared a delicious curry recipe with all of us. I haven’t had anything like this in awhile, and […]

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Goddess Bowl with Tahini Sauce

by jenny sansouci October 10, 2012
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There’s nothing better than when a friend knows you really well. Yesterday when my plane landed in NYC, my friend Samantha texted me saying she was going to the grocery store to get ingredients for us to make dinner. When I got to her apartment and she showed me what we were making, my heart […]

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Amy’s Tri-Tomato Spaghetti Squash

by jenny sansouci October 9, 2012
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The other night in Denver, I was staying at a friend’s place and we decided to have a dinner party with 6 people, where everyone contributed a dish. I could hardly contain my excitement as we stopped at Whole Foods to pick up ingredients. I made this chopped salad with hummus dressing, and my friend […]

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Gabby’s Famous Chopped Salad

by jenny sansouci August 30, 2012
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Recipe time! Finally, I know. I’ve been spending this week at the beach in the Hamptons with Gabby for my birthday. There are tons of super adorable farmer’s markets all around us, and she suggested we make her famous chopped salad. Of course I agreed, and decided to capitalize on this occasion by taking pics […]

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Collard Green Wraps

by jenny sansouci July 5, 2012
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Yesterday for the 4th of July, my friend Tricia made awesome black bean burgers (recipe from this cookbook) and left a plate of collard greens to wrap them up with. Tricia is always coming up with awesome ways to make health-supportive, nourishing food taste great. This was genius and seriously delicious – a total crowd […]

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Make Your Own Popcorn (Microwave-Free)

by jenny sansouci April 11, 2012
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The other night, in preparation for some always thrilling SNL-watching, I decided to embark on the mission of making my own popcorn. I’d never done it before, so it was an exciting expedition. I was nervous, but I pulled through — and the result was so much better, healthier and 100x more fun than microwave […]

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Green Guacamole

by jenny sansouci April 4, 2012
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I love guacamole. In fact, I consider it to be one of the earth’s greatest gifts to humans. It’s delicious, full of healthy delights, great for parties…what more could you ask for? The one thing that gets me though…is when guacamole has too many huge chunks of tomato. I mean, I’ll still eat it, but […]

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Citrus Hemp Dressing

by jenny sansouci March 27, 2012
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At the risk of sounding dramatic, I just have to say….this may be the best salad dressing I’ve ever tasted. I’m so glad it came into my life and I know you’ll feel the same. The other night I was out to dinner at Caravan of Dreams in Manhattan’s East Village. I got what I […]

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Circus Salad

by jenny sansouci March 20, 2012
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I love when a great salad comes together unexpectedly. My mom and I came up with this recipe last night based on some ingredients she had around the house. The reason I decided to call it “Circus Salad” is because it has a bunch of random (but awesome) ingredients, kind of like a circus. Also, […]

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Maple Miso Glazed Brussels Sprouts

by jenny sansouci March 16, 2012
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Last week, I was in sunny Los Angeles, and I had the extremely exciting opportunity to eat at Cafe Gratitude (multiple times). I had been dreaming of going there, and my dream came true. My favorite dish, by far, was the “I Am Ecstatic” maple-miso glazed brussels sprouts. I seriously was ecstatic while eating them, […]

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A Favorite Simple Salad

by jenny sansouci February 23, 2012
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I spend so much time trying to come up with new, jazzy recipes that sometimes I neglect posting about my old favorites. The ones that I barely think about before making because they’re just so simple. This salad is one of those cozy favorites. When I was working at an office job, there was this […]

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Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

by jenny sansouci February 16, 2012
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Last week, I held a NibMor healthy hot chocolate giveaway. To enter, you had to submit your favorite healthier version of comfort food. I picked the one that made my mouth water the most! The winner was Lea, and her recipe was for cauliflower alfredo sauce made with almond milk and white beans. She sent […]

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Spicy Miso Tahini Sauce

by jenny sansouci February 8, 2012
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I’m a sauce person. Always have been. In my opinion, a great sauce can totally bring a meal to life. When I come across a great sauce at a restaurant, I always try to re-create it. (One of my all-time favorites? This cilantro garlic sauce). Last night, I was having dinner at Souen last night […]

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Grapefruit Kale Salad

by jenny sansouci January 30, 2012
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I had honestly never thought about putting grapefruit into a salad (WHY NOT!? I don’t know) until I watched Healthy Cooking Camp last week. As soon as I saw the recipe I felt like a light bulb went off in my brain. YES. Grapefruit. Avocado. In a salad. DING DING DING! I know, I’m way […]

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Kabocha Squash Soup – Roasted Garlic and Sage

by jenny sansouci January 20, 2012
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Kabocha squash soup is my favorite winter meal. When the cold weather starts rolling in, it’s like the flavors of squash and sage together start taking over my thoughts. There are lots of fun ways you can make a squash soup, but this is my latest discovery. The creamy, sweet squash with the addition of […]

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How To Roast Garlic

by jenny sansouci January 20, 2012
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Roasted garlic is one of the most delicious things on the planet (and beyond, I’m willing to bet). If you’ve ever been to an Italian restaurant where they give you roasted garlic cloves and olive oil to spread on your bread….you know what I’m talking about. It’s the most exciting thing ever when that happens. […]

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Cream Puff Brussels Sprouts

by jenny sansouci January 12, 2012
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No, no – I’m not making Brussels sprouts into a dessert….don’t freak out. I call these Cream Puff Brussels Sprouts because that’s exactly what I said when I first bit into one. “These are like CREAM PUFFS!” And they are. Except healthier. 😉 (As you can see, I’m back on food). On New Year’s Eve, […]

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Healthy Crush: Best of 2011

by jenny sansouci December 28, 2011
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2011 has been a great year full of healthy delights. I’ve had a lot of fun in the kitchen creating recipes with natural ingredients, as well as sharing some of the healthy lifestyle info I’ve learned along the way. As 2011 winds down to a close, I decided to gather up a list of the […]

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Quinoa Egg Bowl

by jenny sansouci December 5, 2011
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Lately I’ve been super into posting pics with Instagram on my iPhone. The photo above is an Instagram photo. Awesome, right? Well, one of the people I follow there – Connie from A Life of Perfect Days – has been posting delicious, mouth-watering pics of quinoa + egg bowls lately. Every time I see one, […]

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