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Creating a Self-Care Plan

by jenny sansouci on August 14, 2011

Lately I’ve been a bit of a retreat junkie. I’m grateful to have had a few opportunities this summer to spend time at the Omega Insitute, Kripalu, and Blue Spirit Retreat. After all of these wellness retreats, what has really sunk in for me most is the importance of creating an ideal self-care plan that encompasses mind, body and spirit!

Having an ideal self-care plan doesn’t mean you have to stick to it every single day. It’s simply a reminder of the things that make you feel good – so even if you can squeeze one or two healthy things into your day, you’ll boost your mood and energy levels!

Creating a Self-Care Plan

Imagine you have all the time in the world for self-care. What would your day look like? What is your ultimate self-care plan?

(Examples of things that might be on a self-care plan: drink lemon water, do 15 mins of yoga, get a massage, meditate, read a good book, go for a run, eat leafy greens, make a phone call to someone you love, take a walk, listen to great music, do some creative work that inspires you, cook a healthy meal, write in your journal…..etc)


Wake up time:


Morning self-care activities:


Breakfast: (an example of a healthy breakfast you love)


Early afternoon self-care activities:




Late afternoon self-care activities:




Evening self-care activities:




Anything else you’d like to add:


Fill this out and use it as a guide – if you’re feeling “off,” take a look at your ideal self-care routine list. Is there something on the list you can do now that will make you feel better, physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally? You don’t have to have an “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to self-care, so let yourself off the hook if you can’t hit the gym, meditate, eat leafy greens and read a book you love all in one day. Maybe just drinking a glass of lemon water will make you feel better. Maybe all you have time to do is take a 10 minute walk.

Either way, it’s helpful to have this list to glance at to get you back into the self-care mindset! Taking care of yourself means being able to show up for every part of your life in a better way. Make yourself a priority!

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Meredith August 15, 2011 at 6:45 pm

I love this idea!


Sarah August 17, 2011 at 3:52 pm

This is perfect for those days when I need a little ‘boost’ or to recover from those late night study sessions!


Enid August 21, 2011 at 6:15 pm

I really like the way you describe a self-care plan as including body, mind and spirit. The plan for a seasonal boost is so helpful, I am recommending it to my readers on the site self-care-plan page.


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