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My Go-To Detox Plan

by jenny sansouci on August 24, 2014

Hey guys! 

I’m out in San Francisco right now (how amazing is SF? Sidewalk Juice!? Rainbow Food Coop!?) and I’m heading to Burning Man tomorrow with my courageous roommate Ali. I won’t have internet access for A WEEK (panic attack! no instagram! no more comfort zone!) so before I go, I wanted to share what I’m working on with you, so I can feel at least mildly productive before living in the desert for a week. 🙂

The Healthy Crush Detox Guide

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Healthy Crush Detox Guide

I live a pretty clean lifestyle across the board, but the truth is – sometimes I find myself indulging in foods/drinks/habits that aren’t good for me, for a little too long. I always know immediately when I’ve hit my limit with something. For me, it’s always been easier to cut things out completely when I’m not feeling so hot and detox rather than practice “moderation” with everything all the time. Moderation has always been a toughie for me. I know some of you feel the same.

I’m not advocating a constant detox-retox type of lifestyle, but the truth is, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in habits that aren’t making us feel good.

Maybe it started out as an innocent bite of something and that turned into 2 weeks of eating sugar every day.

Maybe something crept in unexpectedly, became a habit, and it’s starting to affect your energy levels, immune system, weight, sleep patterns, mood, creativity, and overall vibrancy.

Cleaning out your system and giving yourself a good reset can make a world of difference. Detoxing completely from things that are harming you can be extremely freeing when you experience how incredibly good you can actually feel.

I realized recently that whenever I find myself in a situation where I’ve been on a not-so-great track for awhile and I’m feeling crappy, I always tend to do the same thing to boost myself back up. Now it’s time I stop being so selfish and share it with you guys. I’ve also worked with countless patients as a health coach, and I’ve seen patterns in the kind of detox plan that makes most people feel better quickly.

That’s why I’ve decided to create the Healthy Crush Detox Guide. It’s still in the works, but here’s a general idea of what it’ll be:

What’s included:

  • My “across the board” eating plan – what I eat/avoid 90% of the time, for general health and feeling great (including a full list of everything in my fridge/cabinets!)

  • The detox plan I always go on when I need to reset and get back on track —  to feel better physically, more energy, better mood, better sleep

  • The most common foods that weaken our vitality, and why. Even the healthiest of people can easily get thrown off track by these things! 

  • What foods I would NEVER touch no matter how indulgent I’m being – and why

  • What to eat/avoid and what supplements to take when you’re starting to feel sick, to recover as quickly as possible

  • What to do 3-5 days before an important event to look and feel your absolute best

  • Healthy Crush Detox-Friendly Recipes

  • Bonus section — extra support for digestive issues

  • What else do you wanna know? It’s still being created, so there will probably be even more awesome stuff in there when it’s done.

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Healthy Crush Detox Guide

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Love you guys. 🙂

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