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Detox Tea

by jenny sansouci on October 17, 2011

One of my new favorite nighttime rituals after a long day is a hot mug of detox tea. When my friend Rachel was visiting NYC last month, she suggested we pick some up after a big weekend of food + fun. Since she always knows about the best remedies, I took her word for it! Now detox tea is a favorite at my apartment. I drink it anytime I’ve had a few days of indulgent eating or just feel like I need to cleanse my system.

Detox tea (made by Yogi Tea) promotes healthy liver and kidney function through the use of specific herbs. Here are some of the ways this tea helps you detox & cleanse:

  • Aids the 2 primary cleansing organs (liver and kidneys)
  • Burdock + Organic Dandelion: purifying herbs
  • Juniper Berry: aids kidney function
  • Ginger, Black Pepper, Long Pepper (a traditional Ayurvedic cleansing blend): aids blood flow
  • Cardamom & Cloves: aids digestion + benefits stomach function
  • Cinnamon: supports function of the respiratory and digestive tracts
  • It’s caffeine free
  • …& more! tea mug

The best thing about this tea is that it tastes DELICIOUS! It’s full of spice and flavor and is the perfect tea to drink on a cold night. If you’re feeling sluggish, do your body a favor and make this tea tonight.

Get Detox Tea here!


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Cherise February 10, 2013 at 10:44 pm

I have some of the detox tea and I love it except for the juniper taste. Its not bad, just not my favorite. I’m getting ready to do my own cleanse and try to get my health rebooted.


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