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What is Healthy Highs?

A weekly email delivering the most vibe-raising, life-enhancing resources you could ever imagine, straight to your inbox. Read the first ever Healthy Highs email here to get a glimpse of what you’re signing up for.


The story behind the creation of Healthy Highs:

I’ve always liked getting high.

More than once throughout my life, people have called me a little extreme. Countless times, I’ve received the advice “you should try practicing moderation,” or “live in the gray a little more.” I would always roll my eyes at that. “Moderation isn’t really my forte,” I’d say. The thought of that bored me to tears. I’ve always liked extremes and intensity. Living that way – and using drugs and alcohol as my vehicle to reach new heights of excitement – was all fun and games for awhile.

Until it wasn’t anymore. I got sober when I was 24. While most of my friends were hanging out at bars, I spent the second half of my twenties hanging out at 12 Step meetings.

In early sobriety, I remember saying to one of my friends who had 10 years clean at the time, “I just want to feel awesome and have fun…I don’t think that’s possible without drugs and alcohol and partying.” She looked at me and smiled, as if there was so much about life I didn’t know yet.

Shortly after, I met a sober girl who had just come back from Burning Man. “Dude,” she said. “I don’t know about you, but I got sober so I could party HARDER.” I looked at her like she was an alien, but I never forgot those words.

Ever since, I’ve been on a quest to find ways to feel awesome more sustainably – ways that are nourishing to my mind, body and spirit. I’m not technically still sober today, as I had to experiment and find my own path with it, but my experience has shaped who I am in incredible, unimaginable ways. Today I have a new drug of choice: raising the vibe.

Finding healthier highs and raising the vibe in my life has led to have more fun and feel more connected to people and to my own intuition than I ever thought possible. I feel that ecstatic bliss I always looked for, but today I wake up with integrity. It’s pretty unbelievable when I really think about it.

That’s where the Healthy Highs email comes in. Believe it or not, the idea for it came from instagram. Nothing excites me more than finding healthy resources that raise the vibe in my life and sharing them — and I post a lot of them on instagram. More and more, people have been commenting on my photos asking me for more details. Although I’ve got mad love for instagram, I realized that sometimes a photo isn’t enough. So each week, I’ll be sending out an email with the vibe-raising resources that I’m most excited about, with details that make them easily accessible to you.

Seriously, this is going to rock.

How does it work?

Easy. You subscribe in the email box below. I venture out into the world and find vibe-raising, life-enhancing stuff (healthy highs). Then I share them with you through the Healthy Highs email. It’s free.

Also included in each email will be the latest Vibe Meter rating.

Ok. Got it? Ready to get high? Raise the vibe with me!!

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Healthy Highs: Resources To Raise Your Vibe

Endless high vibes and love,

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