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What is Spirit Junkie Masterclass? 

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is a digital course led by #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Gabby Bernstein, joined by world-renowned guest teachers. 

Spirit Junkie Masterclass will teach you to turn your passion into your paycheck. You'll get step-by-step guidance to build a business and make money doing what you love, along with a powerful publicity plan. 

This 8-module course will give you the confidence and business tools you need to live and lead with purpose, and to make money from your great work! 

What Do You Need To Take This Course?

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is 100% online, and you can go at your own pace.

All modules are provided in video, audio, and written transcripts.

Every year, you get a refresh of the training - with new teachers!  

Is Spirit Junkie Masterclass For You?

  • During this 8-module online course, you’ll gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact in the world, and earn money for your most passionate work.  
  • You will be catapulted right into the auditorium with Gabby. You will feel the energy of the group and get the best expression of Gabby as a teacher.  
  • After the training, alumni have gone on to publish books, lead life-changing TED Talks, grow 6- and 7-figure businesses, transition their careers, and turn their missions into movements. It's a really incredible group of graduates!  
  • Once you enroll, you'll have access to an always-fresh, forever relevant program that you can revisit anytime.  


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I've been working side-by-side with Gabby as my mentor for 10 years, and this work is very close to my heart. 

I built Healthy Crush based on the principles of this program and I'm so incredibly proud to share it. I can't wait for you to experience it for yourself!!  


Sign up before 6pm ET on June 29 and you'll lock in these awesome bonuses from Gabby:

  • Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program. Gabby created this comprehensive program with her team of business pros. It has the nuts and bolts you need when setting up a business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance info and much more. 
  • God Is My Publicist digital course. Demystify publicity and marketing with this awesome course for spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, artists, podcasters and anyone who wants to infuse their spiritual beliefs into PR or marketing work in any field.
  • 2 live training calls with Gabby! The first call will help you clarify your visions and clear the obstacles holding you back. The second will get you into action.
  • Lifetime access to the Spirit Junkie Masterclass community. You'll have community support as you go through the course, and you can return to the private Facebook page long after you’ve taken the course to continue connecting with like-minded Spirit Junkies.


When you enroll through this page, you'll get 5 exclusive Healthy Crush bonuses from that will SUPERCHARGE your Spirit Junkie Masterclass experience! 

  • Bonus 1: Get Paid To Live - Blogging For Effortless Income That Feels True To You: 6-Week Guide
  • Bonus 2: Personal Website/Blog Review from Jenny of Healthy Crush 
  • Bonus 3: Spirit Junkie Masterclass Module-by-Module Success Support, bonus tips and teachings...I'll be going through it with you!
  • Bonus 4: 8 Full Weeks of Morning Spirit Junkie Inspiration - every morning, a Gabby Bernstein inspirational teaching of the day in your inbox - pulled from the past 10 years of my notes, her old lectures, and personal advice from Gabby to me! Plus, you'll get a special playlist to illuminate your day. 100x better than your morning coffee!! 

Bonus 1: Get Paid To Live Blogging for Effortless Income That Feels True To You: 6-Week Guide + Workbook

What's Included:  

  • Everything I've learned in 10 years of blogging about making money online
  • 6-Week Guide with step-by-step instructions for starting a revenue-generating blog, in an accessible, week-by-week format- perfect for beginngers! 
  • Printable workbook of questions and prompts to help you build your dream life
  • An example of a $20,000 month on Healthy Crush, broken out by revenue stream category
  • How I've built a lifestyle where I can work from anywhere in the world
  • A robust resources section with every single tool I use to make money onlne
  • How to build your email list - with the inside track on exactly how I grew mine to over 20,000 subscribers
  • Branding exercises to get you crystal clear on what you want - plus my exact, word-for-word answers from when I was developing Healthy Crush -- straight from my journal
  • Weekly email reminders to help you stay focused and clear  


  • The exact tools and steps to start your dream blog 
  • A very clear picture of what you truly want your life to feel like - and the steps to get there
  • How to setup and grow your email list and social media accounts
  • Crystal clear answers about your unique branding and message
  • The specific kind of content you're best at creating
  • How to make money online without feeling "salesy"
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your perfect income streams
  • How to spread the word and generate interest about your work - from your readers and the search engines!
  • How you can make money - starting now - from things you're already doing every day

Bonus 2: Personal Website/Blog Review  

Along with the Get Paid To Live Guide, you'll receive a personal review of your blog or website from me! You'll simply email me the link to your blog, and I'll send you a detailed reply with the feedback you're looking for and the answers to whatever questions you have. 

I've been blogging for 10 years (and making money from my blog for almost as long!) and I can help with...

  • Blog/email list setup 
  • Revenue stream ideas & feedback
  • Content/branding/URL feedback
  • Resources that will help you take things to the next level 
  • ...whatever blogging or online business questions you have! 

As I don't normally do personal coaching, this is a rare and fun opportunity to get 1-on-1 feedback on whatever project you're working on!

Bonus 3: Spirit Junkie Masterclass Module-by-Module Success Support  

I'll be going through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Program right along with you!!

After each module, you'll receive extra supprt and guidance in your inbox:

  • My bonus tips and links to resources for supercharging your success for each module topic
  • Personal stories from me about how I've implemented the module teachings into my life and career, including personal advice given to me straight from Gabby over the past 10 years
  • Exactly how I plan to implement the teachings of each module in my life and career moving forward. We're all in this together! 
  • Answers to frequently asked questions related to the topics covered.  

The module topics I'll cover with you:  

  • How To Step Into Your Purpose
  • Release Fear And Clear The Path
  • Tap Into Your Greatest Source Of Power
  • How To Hold Space
  • How To Make Money For Your Great Work
  • Soulful Marketing & Manifesting Media For Your Message
  • Bring Your Stories To Life As An Author And Public Speaker
  • How To Turn Your Vision Into A Reality  

Don't worry about going through the modules on a specific timeline. Go at your own pace - you can always come back to my bonus tips and resources anytime!  

Bonus 4: 8 Weeks of Morning Inspiration  

For 8 full weeks after the course begins, you'll receive a dose of morning Spirit Junkie inspiration in your inbox. 

You'll get a quote or teaching each morning from Gabby herself, taken straight from my many notebooks of notes, her past lectures, her books, and her personal advice to me as my mentor. 

These teachings and quotes will ignite your fire and get you ready to own the day ahead and step into your power fully as you go through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass!!

Plus, I've made you a very special playlist of music that will boost your mood and illuminate your entire day!!

Enrolled? Congratulations!!! 

I'm a proud and honored graduate and affiliate of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass program, and may earn a commission if you purchase through me. Thank you for supporting this work! 

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