by jenny sansouci on June 18, 2008

At Gabrielle‘s last lecture, I met a girl who teaches IntenSati. She briefly explained it as “saying positive affirmations while working out.” Hmm. Sounded intriguing. She invited me to be a guest at one of her classes at Equinox so I thought, why not? Who wouldn’t want to work out at the Chelsea Equinox for free? That place is immaculate. Besides, this could be good writing material.

So, I uncharacteristically woke up at 5:15am today to head down to 17th and 10th. I was surprised to see how many people were actually in the gym already. That’s motivation, my friends. The class was packed for a 6:30am class, but hey, this is Manhattan and this gym is bordering the meatpacking district, so one can expect that beautiful people abound.

So the class begins with an explanation by Natalia, who tells us she’ll coax us to say positive affirmations together during the workout and that we don’t have to, but it’s encouraged. I admit it felt a little strange at first, but once I got the hang of it and realized that everyone in the class was shouting the affirmations, I was in the zone. The first half of the class is a high cardio workout that incorporates affirmations like “i am determined,” “i am a warrior,” “i am ready,” “i want it,” “i claim my strength,” etc. It’s done in a sequence so each exercise matches up to a different affirmation (i.e. doing a running in place/punching movement while saying “i am determined”).

The second half of the class is strength/yoga-type movement sequences, with affirmations like “i believe,” “i am enlightened,” and “i am excellent.”

I was sleepy-eyed when I started the class, but by the end I felt totally empowered and ready to take on the day. I’d totally go again, once I get my hands on some Equinox free passes.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a workout that’ll make you feel like superwoman, IntenSati is it, ladies.

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