Do you accept products for review on Healthy Crush?

Yes! If you have a healthy product that you’d like me to try, please contact me at jenny@healthycrush.com. Please note that I only write about products that I actually like and want to share with my readers, and sending me a product does not guarantee I will write about it. If I do choose to write about your product, I will always let my readers know that it was sent to me to review.

Can I advertise on your site?

If you’d like to advertise on Healthy Crush, please contact me at jenny@healthycrush.com.

I have a healthy crush on a product/person/place/event that I think your readers would love to know about. Can I tell you about it?

Yes! Please do. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Is this a vegan/vegetarian site?

While this is not a 100% anything site, I feel my best on a primarily plant-based diet that consists of mainly whole, unprocessed foods. As I learned at Integrative Nutrition, the following guidelines are keys to better health, no matter what the ailment is, and my recipes and posts reflect this:

LESS: meat, milk, sugar, chemicalized artificial junk food, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.

MORE: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, appropriate protein (whatever makes you feel best), water, exercise, rest and love.

Do you do 1-on-1 health coaching sessions?

Yes. Contact me for a consultation.

Do you have a newsletter or email list I can sign up for?

Yes! Please enter your information in the green box at the top right of the site, and click “Subscribe.”

Didn’t answer your question? Contact me!

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