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The Vibe Meter

An ex-boyfriend said something to me on the first night we met that would totally change the course of my life.

“Does that gum you’re chewing have artificial sweeteners in it?”

“Um, yeah, I guess, why?”

“You know that lowers your vibe, right?”


: a distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively.

WHAT? I stopped chewing. I glanced down at the sugar-free Red Bull in my hand, suddenly feeling hyper aware. The last thing I wanted was to be a low vibe individual. I had been unknowingly lowering my vibe for years and I knew it had to stop. From that day on, I made the decision to polish up my intuitive senses and pay serious attention to vibes. The cleaner my lifestyle got, the more connected I felt to my intuition, which helped me to be much more discerning about the vibe of my choices. Fast forward to today, I find myself describing everything in life as high vibe, medium vibe or low vibe.

High Vibe = awesome, the best ever

Medium Vibe = not the best but not the worst. “meh.”

Low Vibe = stay away as much as possible, not worth it

To clarify for you, here are some examples about how the vibe levels can be used in sentences:

“Dude. Spirulina is so high vibe!”

“They had almond milk at the coffee shop, but it wasn’t organic, and it was sweetened. Medium vibe.”

“This product claims to be healthy but it’s loaded with preservatives, chemicals and artificial sweeteners. So low vibe, I can’t handle it. “

“He made me green juice in the morning. Totally high vibe.”

“I can’t even go into that low vibe supermarket.”

“The restaurant was fun, but the food was sorta medium vibe.”

Ok, you get it. Fun, right? Yes. Vibes!!!! It’s just the perfect way to describe things.

That’s where the Vibe Meter comes in.

Each week, as your resident Vibe Critic, I’ll be rating something new on the Vibe Meter and telling you why I think it’s high vibe, medium vibe, or low vibe. I’m a Virgo, so I’m super particular and I love investigating. You can bet my vibe opinions will be very well thought out. I’ll also be bringing in Guest Vibe Critics – my trusted friends and colleagues – to weigh in on things they care about. Collectively, we’ll help you raise your own vibe, by filling your life with higher vibe foods, products, activities, etc. Raising the vibe in the world starts with you. Don’t forget it. 🙂

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Jenny Sansouci, Resident Vibe Critic

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