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Couscous Casserole

by jenny sansouci on June 14, 2009

Howdy kittens. Just wanted to share a sweet development in my oh-so-exciting world of couscous making. Yesterday my dear friend Gabby was on her way over to check out my apartment and I told her I’d make some food. Couscous sounded like a great plan. Only problem was that I put too much water in the damn couscous, so it came out soggy and mushy, almost like mashed potatoes. Ick!

What to do?! I had a quick moment of feeling complete idiotic failure and then it hit me – a lightbulb went on – I should bake this soggy mess and turn this ugly caterpillar into a butterfly!!!

So I decided to chop up some tofu, add salsa, hot sauce, and of course – copious amounts of cilantro – and then throw it all into a baking dish. Cooked it for about 20 minutes at 350 and voila! It was crispy and perfecto.My couscous fail turned into a couscous WIN! Once finished, add some more salsa or hot sauce on top, or whatever you want. You could even throw some sliced avocado on top, get real crazy with it.


Clearly you can see it was satisfying because Gabby passed out on my couch immediately after consuming. Success!


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