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Goal Setting Tips

by jenny sansouci on April 1, 2011

My friends over at Everyday Health have included me in their Diet & Fitness Motivational Expert Panel! I’m honored to be in the company of so many other amazing, motivational people. The questions they asked me revolved around meeting diet and fitness resolutions – a topic that comes up for almost everybody I know as soon as January 1st rolls around! You can check out the answers to my questions here.

It’s April, and that means most people are either totally rocking out on their resolutions by now, or they’ve put them on the back burner.

If you have goals you’d like to reach, here are a few tried and true goal setting tips that work for me:

1. Be clear on why you want to reach your goal. If your goal is to quit smoking, focus on how you want to feel once you’ve quit. Most likely you want to be able to breathe easier, have enhanced health, smell better, etc. Focusing on the feelings you want to have as a result of your goal can help you stay on track.

2. Be willing to revise your goals if necessary. Many people create goals for themselves, can’t stick to them, and then get frustrated and just quit completely. If you realize your goals are unrealistic, don’t give up – just change them to meet you where you are!

3. Check in with somebody regularly.  Having a buddy, coach, or even an online support forum to be accountable to can really help when it comes to sticking to goals. It helps to find someone who has similar goals, so you can relate to each other along the way. I have a buddy who I check in with almost daily about my goals for my health, my business, and my personal growth, and I find myself meeting my goals faster and with more excitement when I have someone to share it with!

4. Get inspired by someone who’s done it already. Find someone who has what you want for yourself. Ask them for advice on reaching your goal, or find out about the steps they took to get where they are. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

5.  Give yourself more credit. Most of us tend to focus on the things we wish we had done better, rather than honoring ourselves for what we’ve accomplished. Even the smallest of steps forward should be celebrated!

Did you set resolutions this year? How’s it going?

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