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Gratitude for 2011

by jenny sansouci on December 31, 2011

One thing I love to do at the end of the year is look back and have some gratitude for everything that was accomplished over the year, and all the wonderful things that happened.

I know that I tend to get into the “what’s next?” mindset fairly quickly after something cool happens – I don’t always take time to look back and really appreciate the amazingness that life provides. I just made a list of all of the awesome life accomplishments from 2011 and it literally made me cry with gratitude.

As we head into 2012, I recommend you make this list too. Honor yourself for your accomplishments, for getting through ups and downs, and for all the beautiful moments you experienced over the past year.

By the way. This isn’t about bragging. It’s about seriously giving yourself more credit for how awesome you really are, and all the beauty you’re bringing into the world. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t give yourself credit enough, (if ever)!

So here are just a few of mine. I’d love to hear something you’ve accomplished or you’re grateful for from 2011, in the comments section below this post.

In 2011, I…

  • Launched Healthy Crush – the website and brand I’d been dreaming of
  • Launched a monthly newsletter full of healthy recipes and tips…my email list keeps growing every day
  • Wrote hundreds of blog posts – and poured my heart into every single one
  • Wrote and launched my first e-book
  • Graduated from Dr. Annemarie Colbin’s 100-hour Food Therapy Course
  • Went to 4 incredibly life-changing Institute for Integrative Nutrition conferences – 2 in NYC, 1 in Miami, and 1 in COSTA RICA (Costa Rica was my most inspiring week of 2011, hands down)
  • Coached some amazing clients to eat healthier, lose weight, get off medications & change their lives for the better
  • Assisted one of my inspirations, Kris Carr, at her weekend Omega Institute workshop
  • Helped my friend & mentor Gabby Bernstein spread her positive message to thousands of people
  • Spoke in front of 4,000 people at an IIN conference- my first speaking engagement ever
  • Did my first webinar for over 100 people
  • Wrote a 90-day cravings course for the MyOmBody iPhone app
  • Went on 4 beautiful, relaxing, inspiring retreats to the Omega Institute and Kripalu
  • Spent some seriously awesome times with family and friends!

….the list is quite a bit longer with career & personal life stuff, but those are some of the highlights that make me want to cry. Of course, there have been ups and downs – times where I feel exuberant joy and times where I feel totally lost and confused. But after making this list, I feel so grateful and so ready to blast into 2012 with vitality, hope, enthusiasm and love.

Please share with me if you have any gratitude or accomplishments from 2011….and make sure to always take time to look back and say “Wow. I really am awesome.” Because you are.

If you’re reading this, I’m grateful for you, too….and I hope to cross paths with you in 2012. 🙂



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Jill Rowe December 31, 2011 at 3:14 pm

humbled. grateful. full of manifestation. that’s what this year has been for me.
let the real me out of the closet to play and create
started my new mentoring business on 11.22.11
Forgave big time for long standing grievances
found God (he wasn’t lost ~ i was 😉
created beautiful new friendships and solidified long standing ones
stopped eating sugar, coffee, processed foods
started drinking green juices
got selected by my mentor to be one of 21 women to collaborate together in her mastermind group
held several coaching teleseminars
mentored some wonderful human beings
lots of yoga
lots of meditation
this was my year to change my life from the inside out. Can’t wait for the manifestation of all the little seedlings I’ve planted to start fluorishing and growing.


jenny sansouci December 31, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Jill…thank you & congrats. That’s all so awesome.


ansley January 3, 2012 at 1:28 pm

My year without…or so I thought.

In 2011 I am grateful for so many things. Things I went without and found for the first time and some I found all over again.

Monetarily I got into was accepted into grad school, finished my first year of full time employment, moved three times, traveled some, spent way too much money, finished a 5k and started training for a ½ marathon.

But, I have had some major growth both internally and externally. They don’t need to be named or listed off. I am at peace with what they are and that is what is most important. That I am finally ok with this.

I fell down and got back up so many painful times. It has made me stronger for which I am grateful, but I hope to never revisit those stumbling blocks ever again.

I made many friends and cherish every relationship that has come, gone and remains.

I met myself for the first time in 23 years of living and I can’t wait to continue to get to know the real me.

I am grateful for the abundant happiness that I worked so incredibly hard for. I worked hard for this because I never knew I was without it. I worked hard for it because I went through years of struggle and absence. To some avail, it has made me the most grateful woman of 2011. And envisioning my intended path is only the most exciting part of it all…. Happy 2012!


Sarah T January 3, 2012 at 4:25 pm

I made a list too and posted it on my blog. This really was a meaningful exercise. Thanks for the awesome idea! I’m passing it along to all of my friends! 🙂


Jeanne January 7, 2012 at 6:15 pm

i love this list! i can’t wait to write mine …even if we’re well into 2012 🙂


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