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The World’s Healthiest Diets

by jenny sansouci on September 16, 2011

What is an optimum diet? We’re all biochemically unique, come from different cultures and have different preferences. Are there generalizations we can make about what’s the best or healthiest?

Dr. Andrew Weil, one of my nutrition school teachers and a leader in integrative medicine, looked at cultures around the world to see how patterns of eating correlate with health and disease.

According to his research, here are the 2 traditional diets that are correlated with maximum health and longevity:

Traditional Japanese Diet:

  • Low in animal foods
  • Low in sugar
  • High in fish
  • Devoid of dairy products
  • High in vegetables and sea vegetables
  • Green tea is a main beverage

Traditional Mediterranean Diet:

  • Relatively low percentage of animal foods
  • High in fish
  • Great abundance of fruits and vegetables
  • Olive oil as a main fat
  • Inclusion of whole grains
  • Very low in sugar
  • Only high quality dairy products

The most important thing to note? Both diets are devoid of refined, processed and manufactured foods! The single most important thing you can do for your health: stop eating refined, processed foods.


Choose fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, healthy plant-based fats, organic meats/wild fish, and natural snacks! Anything that has a long ingredients list is considered a processed food!

Stick to the real stuff. 🙂


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